Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pioneer Manners

"George did most of the mining, and occasionally hauled a load himself, using a team of huge mules, hitched to a wagon or a big No. 4 four-runner bobsled. Sometimes the mules, meeting another team, would show sudden life and nearly turn the harness inside out. George didn't seem to mind, but Mary became alarmed. Once, as I approached and the mules went into their act, Mrs. Walker raised her voice and demanded that George try to control the mules. 'Speak to those mules, George. Speak to them,' she shrilled. George, who was already near the heads of the animals, stepped back, raised his hat, bowed, and 'spoke to them.' 'How do you do, mules?' I nearly fell off the sled seat. But Mary saw nothing funny about it." (The Last Frontier, Volume II, pg 210 by V.S. Fitzpatrick)

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