Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Location

Our move to Montana has been an important catalyst for the two of us. Leaving everything familiar, from the guest ranch industry to our families and friends, behind us, we struck out on a new venture in a new place, and feel we have succeeded. While hiking on the ranch where we live and work looking for shed antlers, we came across a particular spot on top of a ridge that was pretty spectacular. Surrounded by a few gnarled pines and an old abandoned seeder with wooden wagon wheels, it had a backdrop of Red Lodge Mountain to the south and Granite Peak to the west, while the Crazy Mountains and the Pryor Mountains lined the opposite horizons.
This was the home of Jeremiah Johnson, who was sheriff in town in the 1890s. It is the home of the Crow people, whose burial sites are strewn across these foothills, and of legendary figures like Calamity Jane, the Sundance Kid, Buffalo Bill, and Kid Curry. The views seemed to encompass all of that. Two abandoned log cabins sat at the base of the hill, just as our pioneer ancestors would've left them.
Because our families weren't going to be present, I wanted to capture extraordinary photographs to share the beauty of the place. Thankfully, nationally-renowned photographer and author Merv Coleman, who lives here in Red Lodge, was available on very short notice! (The photographs here were taken by myself and our friends. To see the professional photographs of the big day, please contact me for Merv's website.)

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