Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Honeymoon

After we changed into more appropriate camping attire, we hopped in the Toyota with the dog, motored out to a rough trail more suitable to a horse than a truck, and drove up to our little campsite on a mountain lake. On the way, we spotted a beautiful, healthy-looking cow elk, certainly hiding a little calf in the trees. We arrived at our campsite about 9:30, and by ten had our tent set up complete with flowers, candles, a little banner reading “Just Married,” (the world's best) s'mores, and champagne. We sat around the fire together, took a walk to the lake to watch the stars, and talked about what a beautiful day it was. In the morning, we prepared a huge, luxurious breakfast of champagne, cheese, eggs and bacon over the fire, coffee, frappuccino and tea. We spent most of the day hiking in the backcountry, where we were blessed to find two incredible treasures: a winter-killed 4 by 5 elk skull, and the largest set of whitetail antler sheds we've ever found! Although our ultimate goal was finding moose sheds, we took the other two as a fair trade. We packed up camp around 2 pm, just in time for a thunderstorm to roll through. We stopped at the river to catch a few fish, and then headed into town to our favorite bar for some impromptu dinner.

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