Saturday, January 31, 2009

One of those dreams...

It was like we were hostages in a video game, only the game was so hard we never got released. I was walking down the street in a bad part of town. Suddenly I'd been kidnapped or something and was in a warehouse with the rest of my high school senior class, except, seemingly, my friends.
Somehow our captors brainwashed everyone, so it was like a cult. There were festivals and celebrations in our warehouse, and daily scheduled activities.
The brainwashing didn't work on me. I was miserable, and missed my family so much. I didn't participate in any of their stupid activities, I swore at the guards, I peed on the flood, and I screamed punk rock songs at the top of my lungs. Whenever my captors (who I'm fairly sure were from an 80s metal band) tried to make me participate, I'd fight and spit and bite. They were always stronger than I. I even tried beating other members of the cult, hoping to get kicked out or wake someone up, but they just smiled and dragged me along where ever they were going. I was so scared of their blank stares.
A kid I knew hung himself. They left the noose hanging there, as if to tempt me, but I didn't want to kill myself. I wanted to see my family too badly.
There were two tall windows in our warehouse, and I would sit at them and watch the outside world. They faced the open door of the warehouse opposite to ours. One of our 80s metal dude captors was always standing there trying to lure passers-by in. I got the impression it was where the video game began, where our would-be rescuers entered, never knowing the hostages were right behind them.
I was so miserable. After I woke up, I was still miserable. It threw my whole day off.